With stores staff experienced in 145 procedures, CRS operates stores and logistics for airline customer’s larger, typically structural, nacelle and flying control components. With 24/7, 365 day coverage, plus our own vehicles for AOG requirements our stores personnel are experienced in the use of AMOS and Aerotrac and have the ability (for customers who have these systems in place) to operate and update in order to reflect live information, so as the customer is fully aware of the location and condition of their components at any time without having to ask.

For some customer’s we offer to duplicate this information on CRS’s own systems, in order that CRS may help the airline realise the true value of these assets by loaning and exchanging them to third parties at an agreed commission. All management and core repair costs are subsequently managed by CRS to their customer’s requirements, so all the customer will see is the initial request to use the component, the core component being returned to the store and a percentage of the profit made from the transaction.

As an additional benefit, for some customers CRS has set up a stores location on the customer’s system in order that CRS stock maybe shown, with agreed fixed fee’s in place for loans and exchanges. This means a customer’s MCC or AOG team can see the stock on their own systems out of hours, and call for it in the knowledge a price has already been set, with no additional out of hours or AOG fees.

Indeed, where agreements are in place this allows us to show stock between customers, allowing for one customer to make a return from their stock, whilst the other making a saving with a fixed price for the service out of hours, a true win: win.

All items stocked will be supplied with Dual Release and stored to 145 conditions at our 25,000 square foot facilities in Essex. The facility is only 20 minutes from Stansted Airport, 45 minutes from London Luton, 1 hour 20 minutes from London Gatwick and 1 hour 40 minutes from London Heathrow. We have our own transport for local delivery in urgent or AOG situations.