Over recent years BER levels across components have continued to increase, with restrictions to maintenance manuals, complete assemblies needing replacement rather than piece part repairs, and the increased expense of replacement parts making component replacement more viable than repair.

Component Recovery Solutions offers a BER analysis program, similar to their reliability program but much more focused on the costs of replacement parts and depth of repair available. We strive to extend the life of such parts, again working with Part21 (21JAerodesign and 21GAeroparts) to create supplemental technical data, allowing more in-depth enhanced repairs, and manufacture of replacement component parts where required.

Our aim is to extend life into the asset, allowing the airline to realise a potential return on an otherwise costly failure, and also add to improved reliability once the fault diagnosis and analysis has been completed and a repair developed.

Either this can be run as an independent program on behalf of the owner / operator on a commission basis, or alternatively Component Recovery Solutions maybe interested in purchasing the parts on a case by case basis.