Our entire ethos is to save you money whilst creating new revenue streams. In order to best achieve this we work with our customers to implement effective strategies to reduce your levels of BER materials, maximize the utilization of your stock, improve reliability and hold down your costs.

CRS has recognized as components become more complicated, OEM prices creep upwards, and the costs of component maintenance are frequently buried within component management agreements (flying hour / power by hour agreements), there are real opportunities to recover costs. Often it is thought that there is no alternative, no costs to be saved, no area’s of component control and maintenance that are not already covered, tied up, or worked out. This is not the case, and we have worked hard with our customers to make the most of the contacts and materials they hold, and as our services are free, we will work with you.

We do not charge for our services, instead we work with you to implement innovative programs and share in the success. Many of our programs offer customers totally risk free financial opportunities to benefit their business. They are simple to implement and a low administrative drain. Basically what we offer is a risk free, cost free, and in some instances practically administration free.

Due to the type and scope of work we complete across our programs, we have a high level of expertise in PMA and DER development and evaluation. Many operators often find this a minefield with engineering departments barely able to cope with day to day requirements, let alone assessing the unfamiliar world of PMA and DER repairs. Rather than miss out on the potential savings these options can offer you, let CRS complete the initial assessment and research for you, reducing your admin time whilst allowing you to benefit from the associated cost savings.